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We’re a small local family owned business, and that gives us the strength of being able to make quick changes. We also have the disadvantage of not being able to carry everything and anything all the time.

Looking for more? We’re always open to suggestions – so feel free to let us know what you want delivered.

We know that finding Vegan groceries is not easy, but we do our best to find the good stuff. Besides offering fruits and vegetables, we’re proud to be your source for things like seitan, vegan ice-cream, tofu, or finding a good vegan ramen shop.


If you can think of anything  else – contact us directly or through one of our social media channels at the top of this page.

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Let us know how you feel about any of the products you’ve bought from us via reviews.  Feedback is always welcome – whether it’s good or bad.

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?? this is the best because your word is worth more than any advertisement any company could every produce.

Feedback helps us improve and (hopefully one day) become the local business you come to for vegan ramen tofu seitan vegan ice-cream and more.

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