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WroFood is the sister company of G Coffee Company – a local roastery with almost a decade serving espresso, cappuccino, pour-over, and any other kinds of coffees you can think of.

That being said, we’re always happy to answer any questions about brewing, roast types, coffee recipes, or anything else.

However,  if you would like something that isn’t on this page –  contact us directly or through one of our social media channels at the top of this page.

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Let us know how you feel about any of the products you’ve bought from us via reviews.  Feedback is always welcome – whether it’s good or bad.

Feedback helps us improve and hopefully you’ll consider our fresh coffee & tea your favorite in Wroclaw.

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Grandissimo Espresso

OUR ORIGINAL 80/20 ESPRESSO BLEND COLUMBIA, BRAZIL, & INDIA This is our original blend.  It is simple, elegant, strong, respectable,

Narcotizing Nicaragua Primo Espresso

Nicaragua PRIMO Espresso 100% Arabica This beautifully bodacious bean is our alternative to the notoriously famous Grandissimo Espresso Blend. A

Papua New Guinea Specialty Coffee

Papua New Guinea 100% Arabica PEABERRY This type of Coffee, the Peaberry, was the first type of Bean that made


ETHIOPIA Sidamo Single-Origin 100% Arabica Ethiopia was the “birthplace of Coffee”.  The story goes; a million years ago some dude

Mexico Blue Skull

MEXICO Organic Blue Skull Single-Origin 100% Arabica When we came across this bean, it stood out as a possible Coffee


Fruity Coffee from WroFood by G Coffee Company 100% Arabica Roasted LIGHT This coffee is an all-time favorite for the


Brazil Decaf Coffee 100 % Arabica No matter what they might say, decaf is a coffee too! Here we’ve got


100% Arabica CUBAN SPECIALTY COFFEE Roasted Medium Ok, so here we’ve got a coffee that’ll do EVERYTHING for you.  What


Dried Flowers of Organic Chamomile 100g For hundreds of years, chamomile was collected from its natural state and used as

Contemporary Indonesia Single Origin Coffee

Arabica Indonesia JAVA Roasted Medium/Light 100% Arabica The aroma of this coffee smells absolutely delightful! As for the taste? It matches

Espresso Bundle

ESPRESSO BUNDLE Grandissimo & Nicaragua PRIMO Size up our two Espressos one against the other and find out which one


Potted Fresh Lemon Balm Herb

  A perennial herb that grows best in cool weather. It has lemon-scented, mint-like leaves that are often used to make refreshing, lemony hot and cold drinks. The leaves also add a tart lemony flavor to green and fruit salads as well as meats and poultry. You can also use it to make calming teas to help you fall asleep after a long day at work.