Vegetarian Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict from WroFood

Why it's called Eggs Benedict

pay attention - you'll hear about this place again

Let’s start with the place it was born, a massively famous NY restaurant named Delmonico’s.

The restaurant was opened in 1827 by two brothers (John & Peter Delmonico) and their nephew (Lorenzo Delmonico) – all from Switzerland.  They moved the location of the restaurant several times before finding the perfect place 10 years later.

The story goes, in the 1860’s (that’s 160 years ago – in case you were wondering), a wealthy client of the restaurant grew bored with the opulent menu and asked the chef to create something new.

The client’s name was Mrs LeGrand Benedict, the chef’s name Charles Ranhofer – and the rest is history…

The two things that need some prep work

Cooking Poached Eggs

Chef Stas Bouffal taught me this easy trick

1 – take a bowl and line the inside with a sheet of plastic wrap

2 – add a touch of olive oil

3 – crack a fresh egg and gently put the contents into the plastic wrap.

4 – remove the wrap with the egg from the bowl and tie a knot using string – try to keep the egg somewhat tightly contained, so it forms kind of a ball.

5 – put the egg in gently boiling (simmering) water, and let it cook for ~3 minutes (depending on how much you want it cooked.

6 – remove the small bag from the water, carefully cut off the knot from the plastic wrap, and remove the remaining plastic.

Making Sauce Hollandaise

Can be easily substituted with Truffle Sauce from Frytki + Sos

1 – melt ~100g of butter

2 – mix 3 egg yolks,  ~4g of lemon juice, ~4g of dijon mustard, a touch of salt, and a touch of paprika into a blender for a few seconds

3 – add the butter into the blender and blend together

4 – if the sauce looks complete, pour into a serving container

5 – if the sauce doesn’t look complete – add a few drops of boiling water (and possibly another egg yolk) into the mix and blend it again until it looks complete


For the meal itself

? 2 eggs for poaching

? 2 thin slices of avocado

? 1 English Muffin (sliced in half & toasted)

? 2 thin slices of Sexy Tomatoes

? 2 thin slices of  Golden Onion

? a slice of smoked salmon (not vegetarian but delicious)

For Sauce Hollandaise

1 egg yolk ?

a touch of salt ?

a touch of paprika powder ?

a half teaspoon of Dijon mustard ?

a dash of lemon juice ?

30g of melted butter ?

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