French Toast

French Toast from WroFood
French Toast is one of the least appreciated yet most delicious and easy breakfasts that can be served

Known in France as Le Pain Perdu (meaning “the lost bread”), this simple breakfast dish is so delicious and so beautiful – that we can’t understand why EVERY self respecting restaurant in Wroclaw doesn’t serve it.

You can use whatever fruits you want, or you can have it without.  You can add a side of meat like bacon or sausage. Or you can literally serve it with only some butter and maple syrup.

Here’s how we make it:

3 reasons French Toast better than pancakes

1 – With French Toast you can (and should) use old bread – that’s why its called Le Pain Perdu in France.  That’s one positive already.

2 – If your cooking pan is a bit old and warped (I’ve got one like that), it’s easier to cook French Toast than it is to make a perfectly even pancake.  Another point for French Toast.

3 – With French Toast you can (and should) burn the edges a bit – like in the video – in order to get a bit of crunch to each bite.  Because the bread is thick, you’ll still get a soft inside.  Try crunchy pancakes… No thank you.  Plus one more for French Toast!

All in all, French Toast pulverizes pancakes any day of the week – however, if you disagree, let us know and we’ll be happy to convince you otherwise.

So here’s the recipe for two people:

1 – Add the following into a blender

· 1 tablespoon (or less) of vanilla extract

· 1 tablespoon of cinnamon

· 50g of brown sugar

· 3 eggs

· a double espresso (or just a small amount of brewed coffee)

· 100-150ml of milk

Blend all of these together and put them into a bowl or shallow basin and set to the side.

2 – add 2 tablespoons of Grass-Fed Ghee or unsalted butter into a pan and se it to medium/high heat

3 – take 2 Challah Buns and slice them DIAGONALLY (this is to make the slices longer).  The thickness should be about the same as you bread cutting knife

4 – once the butter is hot and melted, take the bread slices, dip them generously into the mix you made, and place them into the pan – you should hear the butter sizzle around the lovely slices of bread.

5 – while the bread is cooking, use that time to slice up some bananas, peaches, or whatever other fruit you’ve got

6 – turn the bread over and let it cook on the other side.  NO MATTER WHAT – DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON THE BREAD – let it cook on it’s own.  Keep turning it until it’s gold, if its a little burned that’s ok.

7 – take the toast directly from the pan, place it however you want on the plate, throw your fruit over it, and give it a generous amount of Maple Syrup

and VOILA!

At G Coffee Company, we’ve made this recipe time and time again.  It’s delicious, filling, refreshing, and can be completely customized to the taste that you desire.  If you want to flambe it with some Cognac or Rum – feel free.  If you want to use a blow torch to caramelize sugar over it… Fell free!
Do whatever you want with this dish – and no matter what it’ll turn out perfect.

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